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Align is about connecting with who you really are and living in full integration of that truth.


Align with your true values 

We live in a modern world with constant messages about who we are and what we should want. Even our families, friends and communities may put conscious or unconscious pressure on us about how or what we should be. I seek to help you connect with the truth of your own value system, to help you live free from the noise of society and in alignment with your true values.

Align with your true feelings 

Our emotional experiences are often painful and complicated. Years of painful emotional experiences or being asked to push our emotions down and aside can lead to disconnection from and therefore lack of awareness of the truth of our emotional experience. Although emotions can often be unpleasant or painful, not understanding ourselves and our emotional experience can lead to even more pain. I can facilitate the process of uncovering and bringing voice to your lost emotional experience. Learning to tolerate and embrace the emotional experience, you can learn to fully integrate your emotional experience and live a life in alignment with your true feelings.

Align with your true calling

A calling is more than what you do or the job you have. For some, a calling may be the pursuit of a life long dream, and for others it may be a daily spiritual practice that helps them to live in alignment with themselves and the world. I will help you listen to yourself fully, and assist you in finding the courage to work towards and pursue that which makes you whole. By tuning in to the voice of your true calling, we will help you to live in full alignment with yourself, and your place in the world.


You long to live in alignment with who you really are.
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Align Counsel is informed by a blend of mindful, experiential techniques taught by the M.E.T.A. training center.

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The practitioner behind Align Counsel, Amanda offers mindfulness-based counseling services in Portland, OR.

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Who you are matters to me. Your unique self that you bring to the counseling room is a powerful tool in our work together.